Selantro Files for Patent for Innovative and Sustainable Energy Storage

Ottawa, ON, November 17, 2021 – Selantro Inc., a privately-held company focused on providing eco-friendly alternatives to conventional energy storage solutions, is pleased to announce that it has recently applied for a patent to the United States Patent Office for a Soft-Assembled, Bio-gel Electrolytic Double Layer Capacitor System for sustainable energy storage.

The negative environmental effects of battery manufacturing and the emerging shortage of key resources such as lithium, have resulted in new research regarding alternative energy storage materials, and to design high performance electrolytic energy storage devices using sustainable, low-cost and eco-friendly materials. Selantro uses non-hazardous and renewable organic materials, such as flexible electrodes, gel electrolytes and cellulose to create green solutions for energy storage.

‘’We are very excited about this new patent application. Our team believes in using green technology to reduce environmental pollution, the costs associated with the production process and waste materials. This patent will allow us to provide a cleaner energy storage solution for manufacturers of electric vehicles, electronic products and more, ’’ said Martin Renière, President of Selantro.

Selantro’s mission is to help build a sustainable future by revolutionizing energy storage with powerful and environmentally friendly alternatives to standard energy storage solutions.  Through its partnerships with universities in Canada, the company researches and develops sustainable solutions to energy storage challenges. The outcome of the research has led to the development of innovative technologies that offer affordable solutions to conventional energy storage. By using electrochemical energy, environmental pollution as well as production costs are reduced.

About Selantro

Selantro is a cleantech Canadian-based company developing cleaner high-density energy storage solutions that are non-hazardous, biodegradable and completely safe. With products that are perfect for medical devices, electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions, Selantro improves the sustainability of energy storage solutions while reducing their environmental footprint.