Clean Energy Storage Technology

Make your energy storage solution 100% bio-compatible and bio-degradable at a fraction of the price


Energy Storage


Our technology is focused on improving the sustainability of existing energy storage solutions while reducing the environmental footprint associated with it.


Made entirely from
abundant natural material

Flexible configuration

Can be made with flexible material to fit into shape and product design.


Safe, cost-effective solution
for medical applications.
See below.


Can be configured for different end uses; Great for miniaturization

Environmentally friendly

No more toxic waste. The disposal at the end of useful life is easy and inexpensive.


Safer to produce and dispose of, reducing costs significantly.

What We Do

We have developed higher-density energy storage technologies, comparable to a supercapacitor.

We utilize abundant natural resources to develop innovative sustainable energy storage systems that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Our solution is versatile and can be made with flexible material to be configured into any shape and product design.

Medical devices

Our clean energy storage solution is safe, non-toxic, and bio-compatible making it the perfect choice for implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, neurostimulators and cardioverters. No need to worry about internal injury from toxic chemicals in the event of battery failure.

Renewable energy

Ensuring energy on demand is one of the biggest challenges in the renewable energy sector. Flexible in its configuration and capable of maintaining a high-energy density over time, our solution is perfect for microgrid storage and portable backup units.

Electric Vehicles

Integrating our small, high-storage-density energy solution into your product means a more efficient way to capture and release the energy needed to operate electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our Story

At Selantro, we understand that the increasing demand for electronic products, growing electrification of the automotive industry and rising electric infrastructure means we need cleaner energy storage solutions.

That is why we have dedicated ourselves to developing revolutionary energy storage technologies.

You have energy? We can store it more efficiently

Our indomitable product characteristics allow for rapid integration in existing products and devices to store a higher density of energy without any loss.

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