Clean Energy Storage Technology

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Energy Storage


Our technology is focused on improving the sustainability of existing energy storage solutions while reducing the environmental footprint associated with it.
Icon biogel LEDC

Biogel EDLC

We utilize abundant natural resources to develop innovative sustainable energy storage systems that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. A great alternative to existing capacitors and batteries for medical devices, wearable sensors, microgrid storage and electric vehicles.

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Hydrogen Energy

We are currently working on the next generation of hydrogen energy technologies by converting electrical energy generated from renewable resources to hydrogen with an innovative membrane that reduces the environmental impact.

What We Do

We develop higher-energy density technologies to efficiently store energy at a lower environmental cost.

Our team of scientists is pushing the boundaries of energy storage by developing new sustainable solutions to energy storage challenges thanks to a biogel EDLC and a hydrogen generation system.

Our Story

At Selantro, we understand that the increasing demand for electronic products, growing electrification of the automotive industry and rising electric infrastructure means we need cleaner energy storage solutions.

That is why we have dedicated ourselves to developing revolutionary energy storage technologies.

You have energy? We can store it more efficiently

Our indomitable products have characteristics that allow for rapid integration in existing applications. They exhibit high energy density and store energy with minimal loss over time.